Now You’re Playing with Star Power!

As mentioned before in the end of the Badges trilogy, the Star Power you receive after attacking and Appealing are determined by very simple and precise formulas.

Note that in further calculations, the resulting units are 1/100 of an in-game SP unit; this is how they are represented in game. These hundredths of a SP unit will be abbreviated as SPU% for the rest of the article. Also, the Star Power gain from both Appealing and attacking is capped at 8 Star Power units, even though you could technically gain more by using a SP-consuming move in the middle of it counting up.

First of all, the formula for Appeal Star Power is very simple; assuming you have at least one non-incapacitated audience member, you receive 25 * (number of Super Appeals (P) + 1) + (number of active audience)/4 SPU%.  This is independent of what type of audience members you have; just keep in mind that sleeping enemies don’t count toward your total in any of these calculations.

For the Star Power you get after attacking, the formula is a bit more complicated; it’s calculated as follows:

SPU% = floor(sqrt(Audience Value) * (Action Command Value) * (Danger Status) * (BINGO Status)).

Audience Value depends on the types of characters in the audience; most are worth 1 point, excepting Toads (worth 3 points) and Dull Bones (worth 0 points!!!).  Obviously, sleeping enemies count as 0.

Action Command Values are dependent on the highest level of Action Command (“Nice”, “Great”, etc.) landed, and whether or not any Stylish commands are used.  As mentioned in the Badges series, Simplifiers decrease this level by 1, and Unsimplifiers increase this level by 1 apiece.  The multipliers are as follows:

Normal Stylish
No Hit 1.0
Nice – 2 0.50 3.0
Nice – 1 0.75 3.5
Nice 1.00 4.0
Good 1.25 4.5
Great 1.50 5.0
Wonderful 1.75 5.5
Excellent 2.00 6.0

Danger Status is dependent on whether Mario or his partner is in Danger/Peril.

Partner >5 HP Partner <=5 HP Partner <=1 HP
Mario > 5 HP* 1.0 1.5 2.0
Mario <=5 HP* 2.0 3.0 4.0
Mario at 1 HP 3.0 4.5 6.0

*Note that Mario at 5/5 HP is treated as not being in Danger for the purposes of Star Power calculation.

Finally, BINGO Status is normally 1, but after getting a BINGO, this value temporarily increases while the audience is jumping up and down.  Mushroom, Flower and Star BINGOs give this a value of 2, and Shine Sprite BINGOs make it 3.

Thus, if both Mario and his partner are in Peril shortly after getting a Flower BINGO, your Star Power comes in TWELVE times as often possible after attacks (you can see that in action here).

This info can really come in handy when trying to figure out how much SP you can expect to get from attacks vs. Appealing, particularly in challenge runs such as Pre-Hooktail Pit Runs and such.  Also note that the SP from attacks comes in gradually, so if you’ve got a ton still coming in from a partner’s Appeal and intend to use a Star Power attack immediately afterwards, use it as quickly as possible and you might be able to keep what would have previously been overflow.

That’s pretty much it, but I’m certainly not done with Paper Mario: TTYD yet; wait until you see the info I’ve dug up on enemy status ailment weaknesses!


2 thoughts on “Now You’re Playing with Star Power!

  1. Mike

    Awesome site! I’m a fellow Mario enthusiast and love looking up info like this! I’m currently really into M&L: Bowser’s Inside Story and am trying to find all of the stats (POW, DEF, etc.) for all enemies (including early “tutorial” enemies like Bowser and Midbus) and how damage is actually calculated in the game. Any sites you know of that have that information?

    1. jdaster64 Post author

      Thanks! I personally haven’t played Bowser’s Inside Story in a while, but I know I did a lot of work on finding that type of data about a year ago. I’ve been pretty busy lately, but since I don’t have any agenda set in stone as far as posting priority goes, I’d be glad to sift through my old findings for BIS. In the meantime, I do recall posting some info on the GameFaqs forums way back when, largely to clear up some stuff concerning equipment effects. Not all of it’s 100% accurate, though. Here’s that thread, if you’re interested:


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