Bowser’s Inside Story Equipment details…

What the title says.  At any rate, some terms to make clear before explaining everything.  If an effect rounds “down”, everything after the decimal point is cut off; if “up”, it’s the same as down, but adding 1 if the decimal was non-0; if “5/4”, standard nearest rounding is used (0.5 or more rounds up, less rounds down).  If equipment stacks “additively”, then their modifiers are added together if worn together; e.g. +20% and +30% additively stacked = 50% increase.  If it stacks “multiplicatively”, though, the modifiers are multiplied by each other; e.g. +20% and +30% multiplicatively stacked = (1.20)*(1.30)=1.56 = 56% increase.

Note in particular that all purely stat-boosting gear stacks multiplicatively with other such gear, as well as equipment that increases base stats by set amounts. For example, 120 base POW + D-Star Wear (80 POW) + DX POW Gloves (x1.2) + DX POW Boots (x1.2) = (120 + 80)*1.2*1.2 = 288 POW.

Sell prices included for completeness; if the equipment can be bought, its base price is always four times as much, rounded to the nearest multiple of 5.

Equipment Name Equipment Effect Sell Price
Thin Wear +5 DEF 1
Picnic Wear +15 DEF 7
Leisure Wear +30 DEF 50
Fighter Wear +5 POW, 25 DEF 37
Heart Wear +10 Max HP, 80 DEF 450
Brawny Wear +10 POW, 45 DEF 300
Grown-Up Wear +50 DEF, 10 SPEED, 10 STACHE 275
Koopa Wear +40 DEF 125
Hero Wear +60 DEF 375
Balm Wear +90 DEF 500
Muscle Wear +20 POW, 65 DEF 450
Master Wear +20 Max SP, 140 DEF, special attack power x1.25 (Does not stack with other special attack boosts) 1
King Wear +100 DEF 625
Star Wear +20 Max HP, 10 Max SP, 120 DEF 750
D-Star Wear +80 POW 1
A-OK Wear +30 Max HP, 10 Max SP, 20 POW, 150 DEF, 20 SPEED & 20 STACHE, Cures status ailments 5000
Rental Wear No effect (not used in-game) 1
HP Socks x1.2 Max HP 75
Deluxe HP Socks x1.3 Max HP 500
SP Socks x1.2 Max SP 125
DX SP Socks x1.3 Max SP 750
Hustle Socks Lets you flee battles without losing coins. 75
Coin Socks 1.5x coins from enemies if the wearer takes no damage. 250
Starched Socks x1.1 DEF 62
Gumption Socks Revives you at 1/2 of max HP after 1 turn if KO’ed, can take effect multiple times in a battle. 2500
Bro Socks Doubles the wearer’s DEF if holding a fallen bro. 1
Gall Socks Makes enemies 50% more likely to attack the wearer. 12
Rugged Socks x1.2 DEF 300
EXP Socks 1.3x EXP from enemies for the wearer if he takes no damage. 375
No-touch Socks Nullifies all status ailments. 100
Nurse Socks Restores 4 HP per turn. 100
Doctor Socks Restores 10 HP per turn. 1000
Special Socks Restores 1 SP per turn. 150
Surprising Socks Restores 3 SP per turn. 1500
Guardian Socks Restores 8 HP and 2 SP per turn. 2500
POW Gloves x1.1 POW 100
DX POW Gloves x1.2 POW 3750
Mushroom Gloves Randomly uses Mushrooms before you move on occasion. 1000
Special Gloves x1.15 Special attack power (does not stack with Master Wear) 1250
Heavy Gloves x1.2 Hammer attack power 125
Delicious Gloves Doubles item restoration amounts, including 1-up Mushrooms. 500
Flower Gloves x1.2 Fire Flower attack power (Does stack additively with Master Wear, etc.) 200
Bye-Bye Gloves Gives the wearer’s hammer a chance of OHKO’ing an enemy. 625
Softener Gloves Presumably due to a coding error, the wearer’s hammer has a chance of RAISING enemy DEF by 25%. 250
Item Gloves Hammering a foe may make it drop an item; you can do this multiple times per enemy. 150
Siphon Gloves Makes hammer attacks restore a tenth of the wearer’s max SP. 1
Dent Gloves Hammer First Strikes may KO foes. 1250
POW Boots x1.1 POW 200
DX POW Boots x1.2 POW 5000
Tip-Top Boots Gives you an extra 30% POW while at max HP. 750
Special Boots x1.1 special attack power (does not stack w/Master Wear) 750
Heavy Boots x1.2 Solo jump attack power 150
Daredevil Boots x2 POW, but KO’ed in one hit; Big Shell and such do not work with these equipped. 500
Shell Boots x1.2 Green Shell attack power (stacks additively w/Master Wear, etc.) 150
Dizzy Boots Jump attacks may inflict “Dizzy” status. 375
Shroob Boots Jump attacks might cut enemy POW in half. 500
Coin Boots Stomping an enemy may produce coins; can be used multiple times per enemy. 250
Siphon Boots Every jump attack restores 5% of your max HP. 250
Big Stomp Boots Jump first strikes do 30% more damage. 750
Happy Charm Makes Lucky attacks 50% more common. 125
Luck Charm Makes Lucky attacks twice as common. 500
Thrift Charm 60% SP cost for a random special attack, rounded 5/4. 250
Budget Charm 70% SP for special attacks, rounded 5/4. 375
Tight Belt 50% SP for special attacks, rounded 5/4. 2500
Advice Patch Raises a suggested special attack’s power by 30%, Does stack additively with Master Wear, etc. 1
Luxury Patch Raises SP attacks’ attack power by 20% and cost by 50%, rounded 5/4. Does not stack with Master Wear, et al.; the most powerful form takes precedence. 500
Heroic Patch Raises SP attacks’ attack power by 30% and cost by 100%, see above. 750
Small Shell Nullifies damage once per battle. Does not work with Daredevil Boots. 500
Big Shell Nullifies damage three times per battle. Does not work with Daredevil Boots. 1750
Giant Shell Nullifies any damage that would do less than 20% of your max HP’s worth of damage. 750
KO Shell Nullifies damage while the wearer has “Super Strike” status. 1000
Gold Ring No effect. 200
Gold Crown No effect. 250
Lazy Scarf Triples DEF if HP is below 25% of its max. 375
Mushroom Stone Makes foes only drop Mushrooms. Unlike Mushwin Pants of Superstar Saga, does not guarantee a Mushroom drop. 250
POW Mush Jam Gives POW-Up status (+20%) after eating any type of Mushroom. 1000
DEF Mush Jam Gives DEF-Up status (+30%) after eating any type of Mushroom. 200
Treasure Specs Doubles enemies’ item drop rate. 750
Vengeance Cape Every hit taken increases POW by 5%, to a maximum of 30%. 625
Challenge Medal Gives you 50% more coins from enemies, but in exchange, increases their HP and DEF by 50%, and their POW by 150%. 1
Shabby Shell +20 DEF 7
Special Shell +40 DEF 50
Safety Shell +60 DEF 100
Judge Shell +75 DEF 200
Rock Shell +90 DEF 250
Armored Shell +130 DEF 400
Rampage Shell +20 POW, 100 DEF 350
Dream Shell +220 DEF 600
Wicked Shell +30 POW, 180 DEF 1125
Ironclad Shell +300 DEF 1
Block Ring x1.3 DEF 1
King Shell +20 Max SP, 20 POW, 260 DEF, x1.3 punch attack power, does not stack with like effects. 1
Power Band x1.1 POW 250
Power Band + x1.2 POW 2500
Minion Band Restores 2 SP per turn. 500
Minion Band SP Restores 4 SP per turn. 2500
Iron Fist Band x1.2 punch attack power, does not stack with like effects. 100
Vampire Band Every punch attack restores 8% of max HP. 500
Stamina Band Gives POW-Up status (+15%) after eating any type of Drumstick. 1250
Hunter Band Each enemy KO’d raises POW by 10%, to a max of 30%. 625
Lucky Band Doubles the chance of getting a Lucky attack. 50
Block Band x1.2 DEF 1
Fury Band x2.4 POW when furious, rather than the normal x2. 1
Power Fangs x1.1 POW 500
Power Fangs X x1.2 POW 5000
Special Fangs x1.2 Max SP 250
Special Fangs X x1.4 Max SP 1250
Red-hot Fangs x1.2 flame attack power 125
Burning Fangs Doubles the chance of flames causing Burn status 375
Fury Fangs Raises Fury chance by either 50% or 150%, description is vague. 500
Bone Fangs Gives DEF-Up status (+30%) after eating any type of Drumstick. 1
Intruder Fangs Allows you to choose two actions every turn. 1
Block Fangs x1.2 DEF 1
Flashy Fangs Nothing 1000
Cheap Ring Cuts a random special attack’s SP cost by 30% every turn, rounded 5/4. 150
Economy Ring Cuts all SP costs by 50%, rounded 5/4. 2500
Heroic Ring Doubles SP cost, and raises SP attack power 30%. 750
Glutton Ring Lets you eat two drumsticks at once. 375
Excellent Ring Every Excellent attack will restore 10% of your max SP. 500
Drumstick Ring Randomly uses a drumstick from your inventory before your turn. 250
Peace Ring Restores 15 HP per turn. 500
Fill-up Ring Restores 4 SP per turn.  Overrules Minion Bands, for whatever reason. 750
Restore Ring Restores 10 HP and 3 SP per turn, does stack with Minion Bands. 1250
Fast Cash Ring Doubles coin drops from foes KO’ed in the field. 200
Treasure Ring Doubles Item drop rate. 1
Safety Ring x1.2 Max HP 250
Hard Ring x1.2 DEF 100
Rental Shell No effect, not used in-game. 1

Finally, I’ll go over how the Bros. Badges work, and how much it takes to fill those bars.

First of all, every attack restores the same number of units regardless of what rank the Bros. receive on a move, so long as it’s at least as good as the badge Luigi has equipped; however, if a bro misses a command short of an “Excellent” while wearing the Excellent!! Badge, his side of the bar will empty (if all possible enemies are killed before reaching “Excellent”, the bar will not empty, though).  Also of note, Excellent!! bars always fill up just as fast as Excellent!, no faster.  The amounts each attack fills the bar are as follows:

  • Solo Jump, Hammer commands – 20 units
  • Green Shell, Fire Flower – 25 units
  • Yoo Hoo Cannon, Snack Basket, Magic Window – 35 units
  • Koopa Spring, Super Bouncer, Mighty Meteor, Spin Pipe, Falling Star – 45 units

Mushroom Badge – Restores the Bros.’ HP.

  • Good Badge: Restores 20% of max HP, 240 units
  • Great Badge: Restores 30% of max HP, 180 units
  • Excellent! Badge: Restores half of max HP and cures status ailments, 160 units
  • Excellent!! Badge: Restores all HP and cures status ailments, 160 units

Powerful Badge – Gives the Bros. “Super Strike” status, making their next attack much more potent.

  • Good Badge: Makes the next attack ~20% (3/16) stronger, 220 units
  • Great Badge: Makes the next attack 50% stronger, 160 units
  • Excellent! Badge: Makes the next attack twice as strong, 140 units
  • Excellent!! Badge: Makes the next attack four times as strong, 140 units

Bonus Badge – Increases the after-battle rewards for defeating enemies.

  • Good Badge: x1.2 coins, 220 units
  • Great Badge: x1.4 coins, 160 units
  • Excellent! Badge: x1.6 coins & x1.2 EXP, 140 units
  • Excellent!! Badge: x2.0 coins & x1.5 EXP, 140 units

Bro Badge – Restores the Bros.’ SP.

  • Good Badge: Restores 20% of max SP, 260 units
  • Great Badge: Restores 30% of max SP, 200 units
  • Excellent! Badge: Restores 50% of max SP, 180 units
  • Excellent!! Badge: Restores all SP, 180 units

This pretty much wraps up the important info for Bowser’s Inside Story; I may do some short posts on it in the future, however.


5 thoughts on “Bowser’s Inside Story Equipment details…

  1. Matt

    I’m sure you already know this but Fury doesn’t actually double damage taken, it only slightly increases it. Just thought I’d mention it here, as it’s relevant. Block Ring is in the wrong place in the list, but maybe that’s deliberate to stop plagiarism?

    1. jdaster64 Post author

      I didn’t even know it increased damage taken; I just knew it doubled damage dealt. I haven’t touched BIS in forever, honestly, and I never played it much. Didn’t even notice the Block Ring thing, but I’ll probably leave it alone.

  2. Matt

    I discovered something yesterday. You can actually get certain pieces of equipment and some cash before you’re supposed to, due to the way the game saves. It’s sort of like going back in time. Any powerup that you can get from Broque Madame or the Cholesteroad, including the best equips for getting all A ranks, and all cash prizes from the Gauntlet minus the fee required for playing each round once, can be taken back in time with you. Simply don’t save in between the time you want to take the equipment and money back to, and the time you earn your A rank(s), then reset. I’m going to try this next time, rushing through the whole game without saving and starting again with all these challenges done.

    1. Matt

      Just to add, although it’s nice to have the Master Wear and King Shell at the start of the game, the real point of this is to have the Challenge Medal available at the start I suppose. Personally, I keep the Challenge Medal on at all times after getting it (I even did this on my first playthrough); I even kept it on while beating the Gauntlet bosses for the first time. I wanted a decent challenge, and it was worth it! The 50% extra coins definitely add up, and I’ve been using the Bonus + Excellent! badge and the Coin Socks, and Item Gloves for both brothers and Treasure Specs so I get lots of drops. I was pleased with getting 7 Shroob Boots this time round (that’s very lucky indeed, and it took a lot of tries to get more than 4 or 5), and unlike Partners in Time which can give you unlimited items per battle, as you can see in a Soul Bubble fight (using the Treasure Badge to kill respawned enemies got me 19 Trampolines as well as other stuff; respawned enemies give no experience and no items in the European version, but the Treasure badge guarantees you a Trampoline, just like it does with Support Shroobs – but NOT with Princess Shroob as there’s no victory screen), this game only lets you have ten items per battle, making farming rare equips like D Star Wear and Grown Up Wear annoying sometimes. Since the game gives you the last ten items in the list if there are more than ten, it’s sometimes worth taking the Treasure Specs off for bosses like the Shroobs and Bowser Memory ML, because the natural drops always come first, then the drops from Item Gloves and Treasure Specs. So, if there are no Treasure Specs to worry about, you can just keep track of the items the enemies drop, and when the last ten contain enough of the equip you’re after, kill the enemies without hammers and you’re guaranteed to get them. However, with Treasure Specs on as well, there’s a chance an extra Gear Bonus item will appear in the list, shunting off the first. Sorry it’s a bit complicated, but I hope you know what I mean by this.

      1. Matt

        I really wish there was an edit feature… Last thing, in the upper area of Plack Beach where all the floating coins and air currents are, the coins sometimes aren’t counted correctly when you collect them. Often you’ll collect the same coin twice; this can most easily be seen when you collect a larger coin near the top of one of the rooms and you hear the collection noise twice. It’s especially nice with the 10 and 50 coin pieces. In the room with the Flower Gloves just below, there’s a way to get a lot more coins than you’re supposed to but I’m not sure how to do it consistently. What I did was, while inflated, stand on the platform with the Flower Gloves block above me, south of the block but touching it, then I went west and collected the coins in a particular way which I’m not sure about. Upon collecting the bottom-right coin of the left grouping, there was no collection sound but the coin disappeared; when I checked my coin total, it had jumped by 20-30 more than it should have done. It’s all very confusing. And I wonder if Bowser’s level affecting the bros. is deliberate or an oversight. I think the latter is more likely; it probably should have used the current character’s level to decide his level-up bonuses. Here’s the list:

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