Paper Mario TTYD Stats!

Edit 2016-04-11: Check out this updated post!

As per usual, the most exhaustive stat sheet in existence, with never-before-seen info on status effects, exact coin amounts, and 100% confirmed Star Point information.

A brief overview of the stats contained:

  • Name / #: Enemies are listed in roughly their tattle order, then bosses by rough order of appearance in game.  The # column contains their Tattle ID.
  • HP / ATK / DEF: Nothing the Tattle Log can’t tell you.  Attack and Defense vary a bit in some cases, depending on the form or state of an enemy, or the attack it uses.
  • Level / Base EXP: Determines how many Star Points you receive from an enemy after battle.  The formula is (Enemy Level – Mario’s Level)*(Battle Multiplier), rounded down, adding on the Base EXP if Mario’s Level is not greater than the enemy’s.  The battle multiplier is determined by the number of enemies present at the start of the battle; 0.5 for 1 or 2 enemies, 0.55 for 3, 0.65 for 4, and 0.75 for 5.  Interestingly, they may have originally intended to make the Base EXP added on regardless of Mario’s Level; Bonetail has a Base EXP of 99 but a level of 0.
  • Coin Drops: Each enemy has a minimum and maximum number of coins they can drop.  If the max is greater than the minimum, each additional coin has an “Ex%” percent chance of dropping; for instance, Hyper Goombas have a (0.3*0.3) = 9% chance of dropping 1 coin, a (0.7*0.3*2) = 42% chance of dropping 2, and a (0.7*0.7) = 49% chance of dropping 3 coins.  Since the Ex% value is always over 50, the higher numbers of coins are typically slightly more likely than the lower ones.
  • Status Effect Weaknesses: The really interesting stuff. Basically, this value is multiplied by the chance of a move dealing a status effect, as far as I can tell.  Gale Force, in particular, has about a 70% multiplier, but most have a 100% chance (I wouldn’t be surprised if Clock Out maxed out at a bit higher).  “KO” status is caused only by Showstopper, if I recall correctly, and interestingly, has a tiny percent chance of working on most late-game bosses.

For item / badge drop information, check out my FAQ on the subject on GameFAQs.

All that being said, here are the stats in spreadsheet form.  Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Paper Mario TTYD Stats!

  1. litnin200

    Wow, this is so helpful! But I wonder: you mention Gale Force having a 70% multiplier. What does that mean? Do any other status-causing items or moves have unique multipliers?

    1. jdaster64 Post author

      Hey! That’s a little out of date, unfortunately. Clock Out has a 1.27x multiplier if you fill the bar completely, but Gale Force has extra calculations done that I don’t understand at the moment. As far as I know, those are the only player-induced moves that don’t use the chances outright.


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