Paper Mario TTYD: No Holds Barred

Hey, long time with no updates, but I’m back, bearing more Paper Mario: TTYD badgey goodness! Before getting to the real skinny (actual drop / hold rates, rather than baseless speculation), I thought I’d do a short bit on messing around with enemies’ held items.

Interestingly, even though the enemies’ drop tables prevent too many weird / useless held and dropped items, the game actually has a failsafe to prevent enemies from holding anything but one of these 32 items, using internal item IDs 0x80 – 0xA0 (128 – 160):


Astute readers might have noticed that’s actually a range of 33 IDs rather than 32; the one in that range that isn’t allowed is “Trade Off”, a dummied-out item that raises the EXP of enemies. Some of the items that are allowed seem a bit odd; enemies have no use for the FP-restoring items, and they don’t seem to be programmed to use the Hot Dog, or the unused Cake item (restores 10 HP) either. Still, they are completely capable of holding these items in-battle:


Also notably, this list does exclude some in-battle items that one might consider “normal”, but for usually understandable reasons:

  • Point Swap: Can’t have enemies swapping their HP with nonexistent FP, after all.
  • Fright Mask: Although it would be humorous if enemies could force Mario to run away from battle, I can imagine why this doesn’t work.
  • Mystery?: Not really sure, as I never used this item much myself. Maybe some of the effects wouldn’t work properly on enemies.
  • Spite Pouch: Interestingly, this one is programmed into some enemies’ drop tables, but cannot in fact be held.  I suspect this is because the Counter status was never programmed properly for some enemies / attacks; more on that later…
  • Gold Bars: Yeah, you wish.

Weirdly, unlike items, not only is there nothing preventing enemies from holding arbitrary badges, a good number of them that can’t normally be held do in fact work, at least to some extent:

  • All or Nothing: Gives the enemy +1 Attack (apparently they know about Timed Hits!)
  • Feeling Fine: Works as advertised. Presumably not used since Mario wouldn’t have any use for a second one.
  • Zap Tap: Same deal. Rather obnoxious to deal with, too.
  • Lucky Day: Works, rather unsurprisingly. Pretty Lucky is objectively better anyway, though…
  • Double Pain: Works, and is in fact stackable. Yeesh.
  • Happy Flower, Pity Flower: Shows visible FP gain, though it doesn’t seem to do anything.
  • HP Drain, FP Drain: These don’t really work; they do lower the enemy’s Attack by 1, though.
  • Lucky Start: Humorously, works exactly as it does for Mario:



(Not so lucky in that case, bud…)

Finally, Return Postage does grant the Counter status, but with some… interesting side effects for some moves…





If you want to see some of these crazy badges in action, check out MilesLuigi’s video of most of the effects!

Tune in again soon, where I detail how to calculate item drop rates exactly, as well as explaining the rest of after-battle rewards in depth!


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