Paper Mario TTYD Stats! (The Sequel)

The new, improved Paper Mario stat sheet is here, now with heart / flower drops, item drops and drop rates, and much more!

Download the new stat spreadsheet here: Link

Explanations of the various stats in the sheet:

  • HP, ATK, DEF – Self-explanatory; based on tattle information (except in cases where it is obviously wrong like Red Spiky Buzzies).
  • EXP Level, EXP Bonus – Determine the amount of Star Points an enemy rewards. If it has a higher level than Mario, it awards (M * (EXP Level – Mario Level) + EXP Bonus) Star Points, rounded down, where M = 0.5 normally, 0.55 if there were three enemies at the start of the battle, 0.65 if there were four, and 0.75 if there were five. If its level is equal to or lower than Mario’s, it awards 0 Star Points regardless of its Bonus value.
  • Coin Base, Coin Bonus, Coin Ex% – Determine the coins an enemy drops after defeat; they drop the Base amout by default, and every additional Bonus coin has an Ex% chance of dropping.
  • HP / FP Drops – Determine the maximum number of hearts or flowers the front enemy in a battle can drop (see the link above for more details).
  • Item / Badge Drops – The items / badges an enemy can hold in-battle or randomly drop after battle, and their hold / drop weights (relative frequency of being held or dropped, with “nothing” having a hold weight of 200 and drop weight of 300). See this post for how to convert these into the absolute chance of an item drop.
  • Status Susceptibility – The likelihood of the enemy being subjected to various status ailments:
    • Sleep – Chance of being put to sleep.
    • Stop – Chance of being immobilized by a Stopwatch (Clock Out has a x1.27 multiplier to this if fully charged).
    • Dizzy – Chance of being made dizzy.
    • Confuse – Chance of being confused.
    • Burn – Chance of being burned. Is always 0 or 100+.
    • Freeze – Chance of being frozen.
    • Shrink – Chance of being shrunk.
    • Soft – Chance of being softened.
    • Fright – Chance of running away from a Fright Mask.
    • Gale – Chance of being blown away by Gale Force. Note that there is an additional factor based on the player and enemy’s relative level; for instance, a level 22 player against a Hyper Goomba (level 15) has an additional 22-15 = 7% chance of inducing the effect (assuming the chance was non-zero to begin with), and a level 10 player would have a 10-15 = -5% chance subtracted from the base chance.
    • OHKO – Chances of being defeated by Showstopper.
    • PB Cap – The “soft cap” for Power Bounce / Multibonk; i.e. the first bounce to have a 67% chance of ending the attack. The attack is forced to end at twice this number of bounces. If this value is not present, the soft cap is 9,999, which is basically infinite.
    • Dark Koopatrols seem to have a 100% susceptibility to all effects when flipped; I don’t think this applies to any other enemies, so it’s worth noting as a weird exception.

The only notable omission, which I may add at a later time, is that some Glitzville enemies have different item drop sets than their non-Glitzville counterparts; you can find those in my GameFAQs item drop guide.

That pretty much wraps up my new coverage of TTYD stuff; hope this is a good reference for aspiring badge hunters, Pre-Hooktail runners, or whomever else!


6 thoughts on “Paper Mario TTYD Stats! (The Sequel)

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  3. Michael Kiessling

    I actually figured it myself that gale force was affected by Mario’s level in relation to the enemy, just not in such an exact way. I visit the Mariowiki, generally to check things like an enemy’s stats and stuff, which they got from you (on at least the enemy star point values page, maybe more, they have your first post on this as a reference). I would see an enemy’s susceptibility to things like Gale Force, and thought that it was totally wrong. Spiky Parabuzzies, as said on this spreadsheet (and therefore the Mariowiki’s page on it), have a 90% susceptibility rate to being blown out by Gale Force. However, in one file in which I was doing the pit after chapter 3, I was fighting a battle against 5 of them, at maybe around level 10-12. I used Gale Force twice, yet only 1 blew away, the second time. 1 being blown away out of 10 chances against enemies that should’ve had 8-9 blown away at their rate seemed funky to me. (Still around a 70% chance each at that level, so it’s still really weird, but whatever.)

  4. Jacob

    So wait, you only have a 1/3 chance of hitting the Bonetail more than 5 times with Power Bounce? Or was it 6?

    I really want to make sure I understand before I plan my next run of the game.

    1. jdaster64 Post author

      Every bounce from the 5th through the 9th has a 67% chance of being your last even if you time the Action Command correctly, and the 10th will end the attack no matter what if you’re lucky enough to get to it.


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